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Monday, July 3, 2017


For three days only you can save $21 on the Tools & Techniques and Color, Color, Color sessions of 21 SECRETS!!!!

I hope that you take advantage of this awesome sale!  I was so honored to be one of the fabulous teachers for the Fall 2016 Color, Color, Color session of 21 SECRETS and if you were unable to join along then, now is your time to catch my workshop at a great discount price!  You can learn all about 21 SECRETS and my workshop by following this link where I tell all about it.

(Please note that this link above is to an old post of mine and 
if you're interested in purchasing a workshop 
please come back here and use the link I provide below.)

I earn a little bit from each of you who purchases your workshop through me (which I appreciate more than you know!), so if you would like to take advantage of this great sale, please click the image below!

***Affiliate disclaimer - Please note that if you purchase 21 SECRETS through the link that I supply here on my blog, I will be receiving a percentage of the sale.  So thank you so much for supporting me if you choose to do so!  But please know that we're all one big happy family and either way, I hope that you do sign up for 21 SECRETS through me, or through any of the other amazing artist this season!  It's going to be AMAZING!  And COLORFUL! 

Thank you so much for all of your support and I hope to see you there!!!!

Love and hugs,

Dianne aka PackerDi