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Monday, April 28, 2014

a pair of ATC's

Hello everyone!

I had this image of this couple pulled for awhile to put on an ATC, but had only planned on using the girl.  Well, she was a struggle and I tried using her once but it just wouldn't work.  You can watch me struggle with using her here and I end up creating a totally different ATC.  When I cut her away from her gentleman, only pieces of her arms were left and I was at a loss at how use her on an ATc.  I had originally wanted to give her wings, but there was no way that would work at all.  So, I tossed on my scrap pile on my desk (because I really wanted to use her still) and a few days later I saw her again and there were pieces of flowers laying across her and I knew I could use her after all.

you can watch me create this card here:

And, I couldn't throw him away either, so he made his way onto his own card.  You can watch me create this card here.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I have a lot more ATC's to share!  They have been my creative go-to right now.  They are fun and fast and perfect for my limited craft time that I have right now.


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  1. I have really been enjoying watching your process making collages and ATCs. Learning a lot thank you! In your 'beautiful' ATC video on YouTube you mention pulling things from your color drawers. Can you post on those maybe with pictures? I'm struggling with organization! Thanks!


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