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Monday, January 17, 2011

My Plan Monday.....

Wow.  Well, I think I am back for a while!   I didn't realize how long it had been since I have posted here.   The holidays really got me off with my blogging!   Plus, I've been super busy sewing up a storm for my little one who is due to arrive at the end of this month.   I will share all of the projects that I have done for him in another post.   So, today I decided it was was past time to get things rolling here again!   I spent today working on a new banner and I think I like it!   I wanted to have some photos of the things that I will be sharing here, so I had a lot of fun looking through tons of photos for the right ones.  :-)

Usually on Mondays I share my weekly plan, with our menu and things I want to make and do, but since I am so far along in my pregnancy now (38 weeks tomorrow!) I really haven't had a plan.  lol    My only plan has been to make it through each day and wait until my little one decides to let me know he's ready to make his appearance.   This part of pregnancy is the hardest for me, because I am not a patient person!   Waiting and not knowing when I'm going to go into labor really drives me crazy. lol

So, here is our menu for this week.   I'm trying several new recipes this week, too.  One of my goals for this year is to try to cut out as much dairy from my diet as I can.   I have a lot of sinus issues and this past year they have really been bothering me, so I want to see if cutting dairy out will help with that problem.   I have added a few new cookbooks to my collection that are all vegan recipes and this month I'm trying two recipes from the book, "Vegan on the Cheap" by Robin Robertson.

Salmon Chowder
Lettuce Salad
Cornbread Sticks

Penne with Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce
Oven-roasted Cauliflower
Bread Sticks

Hashbrown Quiche
Fruit Salad

Moroccan-Inspired Lentil Soup
Naan bread

Roasted Vegetable Sandwiches with Creamy White Bean Spread

Tilapia with Grapefruit Salsa
Steamed Vegetables

I will be sharing these recipes throughout this week! :-)

I hope that you all have been doing is good to be back and I look forward to spending some time visiting my favorite blogs.   I haven't even been keeping up with those and I know that I've missed so many wonderful projects and shares from everyone!   Hopefully, the next time I disappear is because I'm busy with our new little arrival!

God Bless!

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