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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Well, I did it....

I entered my first quilt contest.   I'm not sure why, because I know that it it was closely looked at, it's far from being a quality piece of workmanship.  I'm still learning. ;-)   But, I really love this quilt and on Friday it's going to be packed up until next Autumn.  So, I thought I'd give it a shot.  The contest is being hosted at Quilting Gallery and this weeks theme is "Thanksgiving" so I am going for it.  I entered.  lol

If you'd like to stop by their site and vote, that would be wonderful, even if it's not for my quilt!  ;-)  There are so many talented quilters out there.....and it's a great prize that's up for grabs!  Voting starts on Friday. :-)

Weekly Themed Quilt Contests

I spent this morning doing some cooking for Thanksgiving.  Yep.  Already.  I know that there is no way that I can handle standing the entire day on Thursday cooking, so I've decided to break things up into three days worth.  Today I made my grandma's candied cinnamon apples, a cheese ball and got the cucumbers soaking for sour cream cucumbers.  Tomorrow, I'll finish the cucumbers, make two pumpkin pies and a real cheesecake.  Then, I'll just have casseroles to bake up on Thursday.  The wonderful thing is that my husband smokes the turkey, so I have my oven to myself all day!  

I'm really not looking forward to being pregnant on Thanksgiving. Well, I'm not looking forward to my next OB check the first Monday of December and getting on that scale! lol  I had my check-up yesterday and somehow I gained 4 pounds the past two weeks!  I'm not sure what happened, because I haven't been eating any different or worse....I've only been gaining about 1/2 a pound each visit my whole pregnancy.  So, as I'm doing all of this baking and looking at all of the containers of sour cream, cream cheese, and butter.....ugh!  lol  It's just not fair!  But, I'm pretty sure that at least one of those pounds that I gained was in the clothes I had on.  I was so cold yesterday and had a cam on, a t-shirt, and two sweaters, not to mention knee highs and jeans.  That all adds up, right? lol 

Are you all ready for the big day?  Before we know it, it will be Christmas......this time of year always goes by so fast!  

Take care and God Bless,

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