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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

another She Art girl....

I can finally share the second She Art Girl that I made several weeks ago!  This one was made for my dear sister-in-law and we were lucky enough to hand-deliver it to her in Wisconsin last week.  I can't even begin to share with you how much I am enjoying making these girls!  I am so grateful to Christy Tomlinson for teaching us how to make them and I can't wait to make more! ;-)

Each time I make one, I seem to learn a new technique that I've never tried before.  Doing mixed media art is so much fun and I honestly the part that I like the best is getting my fingers in there and getting them all covered with paint and glue!  
The only thing that I have discovered that I don't enjoy is waiting for things to dry! lol  These projects have really been testing my patience.  I guess that's good, because I'm not known for having any patience at all.  Guess I had better invest in a new heat gun.  Mine died last year and I never replace it yet.  Better start looking for Hobby Lobby, Michaels or JoAnn coupons! lol  Now, I just need to decide which girl to make next........and what phrase I want to much fun!

God Bless and I hope you make time to be creative today!

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  1. What a beautiful project! Waiting for things to dry is definitely the hardest part!!


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