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Saturday, September 17, 2011

be still my heart - art journal page

I really wanted to use this baby wipe on a page that was covered with all sorts of colors.....this is what came out of that.  I'm not sure if I could ever do a page like this again. lol  This is so out of my box but I am really glad that I kept with it, played with my paints and didn't give up on it.  There were several times when I just wanted to cover it all up and start over.  But, instead of doing that, I added another layer of paint or color sprays and I'm quite tickled at how this one came to be.....

 The large heart was cut from a paint covered baby wipe that I used to clean paint off of other projects....
The best part....the awesome, black scroll cut out that my dear friend Lorri sent me!  It was the perfect finishing touch that it needed!

And it's good to be back!  A hacking scare shut me down for a few days, but hopefully all is well now.....some people have entirely too much free time.  That should be spending all of that energy creating....not trying to make other people's lives miserable. ;-)

Take care and God Bless,


  1. Hi Di! LOVE this page, and the work I see as I've read back several posts! I'm pretty new to art journaling, and am having a little bit of a hard time learning to just get loose and messy with my paints. I only began scrapbooking since Dec. 2010. I crochet, and sew, and that's pretty specific.. there's usually a pattern.. everything spelled or mapped out. But with art journaling, I KNOW that feeling of not liking my page, and feeling like I hate it. It sure feels good though, when, either eventually or all of the sudden, it turns into something you LOVE! Sometimes I don't even know HOW I did it, but all I know is that now I love it, and it was worth getting messy and all the mistakes!.. I'm now a follower. Looking forward to seeing more of your work, and I hope you're having a great weekend! ~tina

  2. love, love this journal spread!


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