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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

daily ramblings....2/25/2015

Hello everyone!

I've been very inspired lately watching Christy Sobolewski (aka Gulfsprite) and her weekly YouTube vlog and art reviews.  She's been sharing what she's worked on during that week and I love that idea.  Hopefully, that's something that I can start doing as well!

But for now, I think that I will try to do just a quick update, hopefully daily, on my poor, neglected blog.  Not much chit chat, just photos of what I did that day and what-nots like that.  

I was embarrassed to see that I had not posted on here since September 2014!  Being asked to create some projects for the SCACD Celebration Hop pulled me out of my no-blogging shell and seems to have inspired me to share more on here again.  

I have actually been creating like crazy since January!  I signed up for Wyanne Thompson's class "You & Me in 2015" and once it started up the middle of January, I haven't stopped creating something almost every day.  This has been such a blessing to my soul!  And, the biggest reason for that change was that I was able to move my art area from our cold, dark dungeon of an unfinished basement.  I am now in the "formal dining area" on the main floor of our house, right by the kitchen, and everything else that I need to be by as a busy mom.  The kids and I share this area, so it's half play room/ half art studio and it's been working out wonderfully!  Now I can work in there so easily, even if it's just a few minutes here and a few minutes there.  It is honestly the best thing that has happened in my artist life!  I did a quick walk through of my art area at the beginning of the video today for my Journaling by 5s-Session 5.  You can see it here. :-)

So, I will start sharing photos of the things that I have made these past couple of months, bit by bit, until I'm caught up....

For now, here's what I did today.....

Snow arrived early this afternoon and we went from being 37F degrees
outside to feeling like 10F degrees in just a few hours....burr....

I finished up Session 5 of Shannon Green's Journaling by 5s....
so this journal is all done and ready for "free play"!

I pulled some images to use to make 10 collage postcards
and then realized that I was out of 140 lb watercolor paper.
I like to use the watercolor paper as a base, because it's sturdy.
So, these will have to wait until tomorrow. :-(

We went to Barnes & Noble last night and I stumbled upon
this magazine and couldn't resist buying it.

and....I picked up this magazine a couple of weeks ago at Whole Foods.
I need to get another copy, because there are some beautiful
images in it to use in my collage journal, but too much
great information (recipes and such) that I want to save!

Thanks so much for stopping by and please let me know if posts like this are something that you would enjoy!

Take care,


  1. Saw the video...your space is just perfect!!! Love how you have packed so much in your space...awesome organization girl...awesome!!!

    1. Thanks so much Sandie! I can't wait until I can take over that whole room! But for now, it is my little bit of heaven on earth, that's for sure! :-)


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