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Friday, February 13, 2009

how pitiful is this?

eek. I'm ashamed to say that this is my scrap's a horrible mess! I guess it's not as bad as it has ever been, but there's no excuse for my piles of junk here on my work area. I haven't done any paper scrapbooking in a long time. Way too long actually. I have been doing digi layouts since the beginning of January for my Project 365, but that's just not the same. I'm too much of a touchy-feely crafter. lol But, I'm also painfully aware of the fact that I have a ton of patterned paper that I will never use that's hogging up precious space in my cabinet. So, tonight I'm going to start the big, paper purge. I has to happen. I've thought about it many times before but was just too chicken and kept telling myself, "I'll use that some day!". Well, I can't keep doing that. I have all of these awesome kits from The Scrap Room needing a place to stay until I use them and this old paper just has to go! Since the last 4 weeks of my life have revolved around the Girl Scouts (thanks to it being cookie time!), I have decided to give my purged paper to our Girl Scout Council. They have many inter-city programs who could use it and it could also be used at camp for the girls craft projects. So, I'm going to tell myself as I look at that darn patterned paper from a Slab that I bought 5 years ago and my mind is saying, "You will use that some day!".....I'm going to tell myself, "No you won't, you haven't and you need to give it to some place whoNEEDS it and WILL use it some day!" That's my let the purging begin!

God Bless!

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