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Saturday, February 21, 2009

paper purge success & other news

Well, I have finished purging out all of my unwanted scrapbooking paper. When I was done I had 5 inches of paper, one zip-loc bag of stickers and one zip-loc bag of scrap paper. Wow, does it ever feel good to pass those on to someone who can really use it! I donated all of it to our Girl Scout Council's In-Town program.

It has been a busy week, even though I feel like I haven't accomplished a thing. I have been able to keep up with my photo-a-day project, but I've been doing a bad job posting daily pics at my other site. I did get the first layout for this week finished today, so that's good!

It seems like all we've been doing is spending money, which is not good! Our clothes washer died so we bought a new washer on Valentine's Day. Our hillbilly root were showing that night as we sat on the floor in the mudroom watching our new, front-loading washer clean it's first load of dirty laundry! lol Joe and I had our favorite dinner that night, Thai Pepper, and stayed up watching a cheesy horror movie on fearnet, oh and a bottle of delicious pink champange! We also bought a computer desk for the basement, so now the kids have a computer down there to use instead of the one in Chris' room. Is he ever happy about that! I finally broke down and started buying American Crafts 12x12 linen binders for my scrapbook pages. I have stacks of completed layouts that haven't ever been placed in an album. How sad is that? I finally decided which albums I wanted and what colors (following the Stacy Jillian method in Photo Freedom/Library of Memories) and was thrilled to use a 40% off coupon for them at Hobby Lobby and a 30% off coupon at Archiver's. I have 3 albums (so far!) and need many, many more! I can't wait to start sorting out my layouts and putting them in my new binders. How pitiful am I to be so excited about a binder? lol

I have totally failed on my wanting to eat healthy...........the good thing is that Joe totally feels the same way. Now I just have to get it in gear and get my weekly menus going again. That is what causes us to slip the most; no menu plan. So, we eat whatever sounds good and it's usually something fast and pre-packaged and full of everything we are wanting to avoid. Not home-made goodness! It's just been so crazy these past few weeks and I haven't been able to get it in gear enough to start making any of the changes that I so long to make. Tomorrows another day, right?

God Bless,

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