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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meal Plan uh... Tuesday - Oct. 25th-31st

Last night the winds and rain hit and our pretty trees in our front yard went from being full of orange/yellow leaves to being totally bare.  Today it really feels like October!  It is cold, cloudy and very windy.  I hope it decided to warm up a bit by Sunday, because it's no fun to go Trick-or-Treating covered from heat to toe in winter weather gear!

This seems to be my life lately......a day late and a dollar   So, here's my Tuesday version of Meal Plan Monday.  I feel like changing this to a weekly My Life Plan List or something like that.  I'm trying to think of a catchy name, but it's just not coming to me!   I would really like to plan and share several things that I'd like to do each week, not just what to we're going to eat for dinner.  I'm talking about sewing projects to work on, crafts to make, and yummy things to cook, just for fun, etc.

We had a couple of days where we didn't make what we planned, because of my just feeling too tired to do serious cooking, so there are a couple of repeats we had planned for last week but are now having this week.  ;-)

Menus for October 25th-31st:

Monday:  Quesadillas w/ homemade guacamole and chips
Tuesday: Biscuits & Sausage Gravy, fruit salad
Wednesday:  Salmon Rice Patties w/ Green Sauce, sautéed new potatoes, salad
Thursday:  Cheesy Chicken & Rice Casserole (w/ fresh broccoli instead of frozen veggies), sweet potato fries, salad
Friday:  carry-out pizza!  -we've planned to carve our pumpkins this night
Saturday:  Veggie stir fry w/ fried rice
Sunday:  waiting for the sales add to see what meat is on sale that weekend.....hoping for a roast :-)

Just for Fun Goodies:
The first two are new recipes I'm trying:

-Roasted Pumpkin Seeds from Simply Recipes
-Peter Peter Pumpkin Bars from Taste of Home
-Spiced Pumpkin Fudge - I was pretty iffy on this last year because it just didn't sound good for some reason, but kept hearing tons of oooh's and ahhh's about it, so I finally tried making some.  Oh wow!  It is so good!  I can't wait to make some this week!

Pretty Pumpkin Cinnamon Buns from Taste of Home - I made these this past Friday and they are so yummy!  This recipe makes A LOT!  I cooked one pan of buns on Friday and put the other pan of uncooked buns in the fridge covered w/ plastic wrap.  Then, on Sunday, I sat the pan out for awhile and then cooked them up and they were still super yummy.

Things to do:
-Start pinning together my quilt sandwich for this quilt and hopefully start quilting it this week
-Buy two plastic, 12"x12" boxes to store quilt work-in-progress in - I got the idea from the Sew Scraps Along at Pleasant Home
-Start cutting my charm packs for this quilt that I'm making to put on our dinner table during Christmas
-Sew the Velcro onto Mr. Peanuts snuggler (You can find the free pattern here.  I went ahead and bought the book!)

I hope you are all having a great beginning to a new week.  I can't believe that it's almost November!!!!! Wow, before I know it, I'll be trying to plan what to have for Thanksgiving!  And then Christmas!!!

Take care and I'd love to hear what you have planned for this week. :-)
God Bless,

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