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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ritzy Cracker Quilt - A Christmas Quilt

Here is a quilt that I finished in December, yet haven't shared with you yet.  It's called the Ritzy Cracker Quilt and it is from a free pattern that I found at the Moda Bake Shop (my favorite place to find amazing and FREE quilting patterns!).   I used a Christmas charm pack.....and for the life of me I can't remember what it was called!  I know it was from Basic Grey though......hopefully I figure it out soon. lol  This was the most involved block that I have made to date.  It took me a few days to sew them all together, but I found it very helpful to do it in stages.  I also learned that I need a lot of practice getting all of my seams to line up properly!  I mean A LOT!  Or, I can just accept the fact that it really isn't that important to me and just enjoy the fact that I have a beautiful quilt to put out every Christmas! :-)

I wasn't thinking right when I started putting the back together.   I added the thicker band of fabric and then realized that it wasn't long enough, so I had to add more on there.  Oops!  But, it works and no one would even know that I messed up, if I hadn't have told you. ;-) lol  

I was able to keep this quilt out on our couch through January, because the fabric wasn't so Christmasy that I needed to put it away with the tree.  I have it rolled up now and in a basket in the living room with the other quilts that I have made.  I just couldn't put it away!  And, since I've only made a few lap quilts, I am able to keep them all out all year long.

I started another Christmas quilt, but only got 2/3 done with sewing the top together.  I just ran out of steam in December and was getting such a big baby belly, that I couldn't sit at my sewing machine any longer.  I hope to work on it throughout this summer....well, as soon as I actually have some free time to sew again!

I'll be sharing a couple of other quilts that I was able to finish last year with you soon! I'm having a hard time getting on here.....I can't imagine why! lol  I have to say that I'm loving every second with my little guy.  He's the sweetest baby ever and so mellow!  It's been a welcomed change, because my little GG is a very active 3 year old. lol 

Take care friends and God Bless!


  1. It's beautiful, Di! And I love that it's not "too" Christmasy - you get more use out of it that way!!

  2. Very nice! Especially like the display stand you used for taking the photo :)
    Love the back. Shouldn't have told us it was a mistake. Thought it was just artsy until you told us.

  3. That was my pattern! Yay! You did a great job. I love Christmas quilts...I need one for each of my boys.


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