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Monday, November 14, 2011

Idea Jar - Prompt #1

The other day I was chatting with several of my dear friends on UStream and I was talking about how badly I needed to start scrapbooking again.  I don't think that I have done a scrapbook page for over two years now!  I started scrapbooking way back in 1996 and it is the one craft that I have always stayed with....well, except for these past two years. lol  But, things were very tough at home with our oldest daughter and there for awhile I completely lost all of my desire to do anything creative.  Until I discovered art journaling this past April.  It has truly saved me, resurrected my creative muse and now it's time to get back to doing some scrapping!  But, I need some help getting started again and after several ladies said that they would like to join in with me on my quest to complete some pages I remembered that I had this:


The Idea Jar Prompts was born. lol

I made this Idea Jars ages ago and it's full of pieces of paper that have page starters on them.  Some tell you to use a certain tool, or supply, or prompt, etc.  So, each Sunday (sorry, I'm already a day late!) I will post the new prompt.  You have until Saturday evening to complete the prompt.  Just check in here and leave a comment that you finished the prompt.  If you have some way to show us your project, then please leave a link in your comment.  I would love to see what you make!

Oh and most important, you do not have to do a scrapbook page.  Do whatever you want!  A card, an art journal page, a scrapbook page, it doesn't matter.....there are no rules here.  This is just to help us get something done each week.  One page a week is so much more than I have done in the past two years! And those add up to 52 pages in a year and that's way more than I have done in ages.

Okay, enough's this weeks prompt!
I hope this helps inspire you to create something this week!  And, if you want to, check back in here and let us know what you made and share your work if you want to! :-)

Take care and God Bless,

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  1. What a great idea, Di! I haven't scrapped in a while either...I just don't know if I'd be able to keep up at this time of year. I might have to join in later!


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