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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mega ICAD Update!

Hi everyone!

Oh goodness I have been terrible with updating my blog.  And here I am sitting here at 3:00 a.m., typing this up without my glasses on, so please look over all my mistakes. lol

Summer vacation has been as eventful as ever around here and life with 5 kids, ages 4 to 24, has been full of every thing you could ever think of. lol  And what makes it the craziest is having such a wide range in children it's so hard sometimes for me to switch gears between them all.

So, there will be an image heavy posts until I get caught up with sharing what I've been creating during ICAD 2015.  To learn all about ICAD, please visit Tammy's site at . And be sure to follow her blog so that you don't miss out on any of the amazing art that she shares! :-)

Okay, let's do this....there are process videos for almost all of these cards on my YouTube page, so be sure to check things out over there so you can see how these were created.

All rightie! I hope...that I shared all of the cards that I've created so far.  I absolutely LOVE creating these little pieces of art!  Since life is so crazy right now,  working on these cards are my saving grace every day.  And, they are a fun place to just PLAY!  I love to experiment on them.  I love to recycle crazy bits of basically things that should have been tossed into the trash can onto them.  Gluing down bits to create texture is probably one of my favorite things and I hope that sharing what I love and videos of me playing to see what happens, inspires you to do the same.  I have learned to much as I create these cards each year and my style has grown so much into something that's finally and truly me.  How awesome is that for slapping paint around on a cheap, 3x5 index card?  Who would have thought? lol  So I totally encourage you to try this, any time. Not just during June and July when ICAD is in full swing.

Thanks so much for stopping by and especially for all of your kind words of support and comments about my creations.  I have really been trying to cut down my screen time, so I've gotten so behind with responding to your kind comments on my videos.  I appreciate it more than you will ever know and each day I'm just totally humbled at the thought of how many people follow me on YouTube.  I never, ever, ever thought that people would enjoy what I create.  Especially since my self-confidence has always been so low, most of all whenever it comes to my art.  

Take care and thanks so much again!

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