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Thursday, May 7, 2009

sewing bliss

A happy sewing spot in my mud room with a basket full of scraps and my new thread holder on the wall!

Yummy Moda fabrics for a lap quilt in my living room!

Freshly cut t-shrits stacked up for a t-shirt quilt.......

Birdie the Kitty - in progress on my ironing board

Lots have been going on here at the cottage in my mud room...... I cleaned it up and organized it a little differently last night, including putting all of my fabric scraps in a big basket and out where I can see them. I decided to wash them all before I put them in the basket. I know that's strange, but I figured that way they were all ready to be used; no pre-washing required! So, if I want to go in there, grab some scraps and sew up something simple, it's all ready to go. No waiting for it to wash and dry first. Last night I also started cutting out the pieces for this cute little kitty (scroll down to almost the bottom of the page, it's called Birdie the Cat pillow). As I was cleaning, I came across a box that hasn't been unpacked since our first move about 5 years ago. It was full of unfinished sewing projects! Eek! So, I tossed out what I knew I wouldn't ever make and put all of the patterns back together. What a mess. I found the beginnings of a cute purse that I was making out of Coke patterned fabric. I guess that will be one of the next things on my "to-sew" list. Then I came across a old quilt magazine that I've had for years that has a super-cute and super-easy baby quilt in it. I have made a couple of them for friends who were expecting. It is just one, huge Ohio Star block. The lightbulb went off in my little head and I decided to make a lap quilt for my living room with that pattern. I instantly thought of all of the faboulous Amy Butler and Moda prints that are out there, among other companies. The best part, is that I knew that my local craft store was having their 45th anniversary celebration all week and had different sales going on each day. This was meant to be, because today fabric was on sale at 30% off!!!! How awesome is that? I needed 4 prints and I got them each at 30% off. That totally beats one 40% off coupon for Joann's. lol I came home today with some totally yummy Moda fabric from the Woodland Bloom collection by Lila Tueller. The best thing that I came home with today is something that I have needed for years and years but just haven't ever gotten.....a thread holder! It's already up on my wall and full of spools of thread. I think it looks kinda pretty, too! So, that was my productive far. I'm going to finish up my kitty tonight and hopefully start cutting out the triangles for my quilt. I can't wait to start working on that but I'm making myself finish one project before starting on the next..... no more boxes full of unfinished projects (I hope!!!) Oh, I forgot to mention that I started cutting some of my daughter's t-shirts into squares! I am going to make her a t-shirt quilt for her birthday. That one will be on the back burner for a month but I wanted to get those t-shirts taken care of and out of the way. Should be a fun quilt to make! More on that one

God Bless!

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