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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

summer sewing has begun!

Well, I haven't been on here in forever. It has been a very busy month. April always is for us since we have 2 birthday's back-to-back. Yep, Chris and I are almost birthday buddies. lol What a way to spend my birthday! In the hospital having a baby. It's the best present I've ever gotten!

So, now that things have calmed down a bit I have been able to work on some projects, like sewing some summer clothes for Gracie. I bought 6 super-cute prints a few weeks ago at Joann's and I'm just now starting to sew them into clothes. The pattern above is McCall's M5303 and it was really easy to sew up. If I had uninterrupted time, I could have easily made the top and pants in one day. But, that's never going to happen, so I made the pants one night and the top another. You can click here to see the pattern that I used. When I'm done she will have 6 pairs of capri pants and 6 halter tops that should mix and match pretty well! I'm also wanting to sew her up some fun skirts. I have my eye on the Edith Twirl Skirt and I have a feeling I will be ordering it soon. I just love this skirt!!!!! I did pick this pattern, The Lucy Skirt by Bananafana, up over the weekend, because it was just too darn cute to not buy. lol It looks super easy and should be fun to make with different ribbons and such.

After going to the quilt stores over the weekend, I realized that fabric can be just as dangerous of an addiction as scrapbooking paper is! It is all so beautiful! The colors and prints! Wow! It could be very easy to spend a lot of money. But, part of the reason why I'm sewing clothes for Gracie is to save money, so I need to be careful. The prints from Joann's were on sale for $1.99 a yard and are normally $5+ a yard. Now that's a good deal!

God Bless!

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