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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Scrapbooking Idea/Journal Jar

Here is a project that uses lots of different ribbons! I made this idea/journal jar awhile ago and thought that I would share it here since the challenge this week at Practical Scrappers is to use at least THREE different ribbons on a project. This is also a great way to recycle a jar.....I think this used to be a salsa jar. I wrapped this jar a little differently. Instead of totally wrapping the jar with paper, I made the paper "label" part only big enough to cover half of the jar. I matted a piece of patterned paper on it and then added the letters that I had cut out using an old, plastic letter template (I LOVE those things! lol Old-school scrapping at it's best!) All of the paper pieces/letters were rubbed with a brown ink pad to shabby them up a bit. Then, I placed an eyelet about an inch in on each corner. I threaded a piece of ribbon through one eyelet and then tied it across through the next. I did this so that there are two ribbons that wrap across the back of the jar and hold the paper "label" in place. It's not held on to the jar with any adhesive. The two tags and the flower/ribbon cluster are all tied onto or adhered the ribbon that is holding the "label" onto the jar.
Inside of the jars are little strips of paper. This is where you can decide what type of ideas you want to keep inside your pretty jar. You can put techniques to use, ideas to scrap, journaling starter ideas, anything you want! These ideas can be applied towards scrapbooking layouts or cards. Then, when you're stumped on what to scrapbook next, you can grab a slip of paper from your idea jar and see if that gets your creativity going!
Here are some ideas to keep inside your jar that I have collected from various places, including a lot from Bridge that she shared at the Yahoo! group I'm in called ScrapFromYourStash (it's a great group to help you use up your stash!!!!). This list is LONG! lol And, there might be some doubles on was hard for me to remember what I had and hadn't already typed out. lol I would suggest that you copy this list and paste it into a word document and enlarge the font to a size that's comfortable for you to read. Make sure that there is a space to two inbetween each sentence, so that you have room to cut them into strips. Print out the list and then cut into strips, fold them up and put them in your jar.
Scrap Jar Idea Starters:
  • Use fabric or fabric-styled paper
  • Make a card
  • Let something hang off the edge of your page (tab, ribbon, etc.) outside the page protector
  • Use a map on your layout
  • Cover a page element in Utlra-Thick Embossin Enamel or embossing powder
  • Use a stamp on your layout
  • Add flowers to your layout - silk, Prima, etc.
  • Journal in a shape - around a photo, inside a shape, in a shape, etc.
  • Use acrylic paint
  • Sew on your layout
  • Use a monogram larger than two inches on your layout
  • Make a heritage layout - if you don't have any photos, make the layout based on a memory about someone from your heritage
  • Use border punches
  • Make a layout with no photos
  • Tear the paper on your layout
  • Alter something - book, cd, tin, box, etc
  • Use your deco scissors
  • Use sandpaper or the edge of your scissors to distress something on your layout
  • Use a sketch
  • Scrapflift a layout from the web, idea book or magazine
  • Make a layout using scraps from your stash
  • Use a pre-made layout - i.e. from a swap, make & tak class, or store-bought layout.
  • Use photo corners
  • Dry emboss an element
  • Dangle something from the title
  • Mix template/die-cut letters for the title
  • Decorate the four corners of layout
  • Journal on a photo mat
  • Weave a fiber behind the title or picture
  • Use a photo to make letters using a template/die-cutter
  • Use a photo for a mat
  • Cut a title from a cursive font
  • Make a monochromatic layout
  • Use Magic Mesh
  • Chalk edges of a torn phot mat
  • Decorate one side of photo mat wtih eyelets
  • Dangle tags from photo mat
  • Cut graphics from pattern paper to use as emellishment
  • Use nothing but card stock
  • Use nothing but printed paper
  • Sew a title
  • Use your favorite shirt as inspiration
  • Turn on the TV, use the first words you hear from TV on your layout
  • Usu your favorite knick-knack as innspiration
  • Hand write your journaling
  • Journal using a list
  • Journal two points of view the the picture in your layou
  • Use pop-up dots
  • Make a shaker box
  • Use at least three photos on a page
  • Use ribbon
  • Use colored pencils on your title
  • Journal on vellum over a photo
  • Use buttons
  • Make embellishments wtih punches
  • Mix patterned papers
  • Use "wood"-looking pattern papers
  • Put your title down the side of the page
  • Journal under a "lift-up" photo
  • Use a shaker box in your title
  • Roll the edges of the paper
  • Use fabric flowers - easy to make by cutting circles of fabric and layer on top of each other, secure stacked circles with a brad.
  • Use teeny-tiny beads
  • Tear the edges of a picture
  • Print a picture on watercolor paper, tear and chalk edges
  • Print photo on vellum
  • Put title letters on individual tags
  • Use a one-word adjective for the title that describes the person in a picture for the title
  • Write a letter to the person in the layout
  • Pick key words in your journaling to highlight with borders, a larger font, or with color
  • Color-block a background
  • Embellish your page with a paper doll
  • Dot the "i"s in your title with an embellihsment
  • Use white as your background
  • Use stickers in a creative way
  • Use a die-cut in a creative way
  • Use a pre-made frame
  • Use a sticker border
  • Use a stamp you bought ages ago and haven't ever used yet
  • Use the last thing you bought
  • Use something you got in a swap
  • Use the name of a TV show for a title
  • Use the name of a song for a title
  • Use the name of a book for a title
  • Use the word "love" in the title
  • Use your computer to print out a title
  • Use letter stickers for your title
  • Use a hand-written title
  • Use die-cut/template cut letters for your title
  • Use the title only to explain your pictures - no journaling
  • Use a pre-made title
  • Use wire, raffia, or string
  • Use plaid paper
  • Use all pastel-colored paper
  • Use a black for your background - solid or printed paper
  • Use crumpled paper
  • Use all bright colors
  • Use metallic paper
  • Use suede paper
  • Use three different patterned papers in the same layout
  • Use red, white and blue on your layout
  • Use vellum
  • Use at least three shades of the SAME color
  • Convert an 8.5x11-inch sketch to 12x12 and make layout
  • Do a black and white layout
  • Use embossed paper
  • Use glittered paper
  • Use mulberry paper
  • Emboss your own background paper
  • Scraplift one of your own favorite layouts
  • Scrap a holiday in non-traditional colors
  • Scrap any celebration
  • Scrap a family tradition
  • Scrap an event that includes some sort of food (picnic, Thanksgviging, restaurant, etc.)
  • Scrap a sports event or a game
  • Do a layout that includes toys in some way
  • Do an animal layout - zoo, pets, etc.
  • Do a Spring layout
  • Do a Summer layout
  • Do an Autumn layout
  • Do a Winter layout
  • Do a water-themed layout - pool, beach, bathtub, rain, etc.
  • Use a prayer
  • Use a Bible verse
  • Use a quote
  • Use a song title
  • Use a poem
  • Do a mosaic on your layout
  • Do a page about YOU!
  • Do a Patriotic page
  • Scrap a current event
  • Do a vacation layout
  • Do a layout about a family favorite/traditional recipe
  • Scrap a special accomplishment by your or someone in your family
  • Do an "It's Broken" layout - toy, car, arm/leg, etc.
  • Do a "Like Father, Like Son" or "Like Mother, Like Daughter" (or any family member- grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, sister, brother, etc.)
  • Do a layout about your house
  • Do a layout about your career - even if your a SAHM! That's the most important career ever!
  • Do a layout about a school activity
  • Do a layout about a church activity
  • Do a BEFORE and AFTER layout - diet, pregnancy, dirty to clean, home improvement
  • Do a color-blocking layout
  • Do a nautical-themed layout
  • Do a sand layout - either in color, texture or content
  • Add an element that moves onto your page - pop-up journal page, something that pulls, etc.
  • Put memorabilia on a page
  • Make a quilt block from pattern paper and use on your page
  • Make a pocket page
  • Do a page about your garden
  • Use a paper-folded embelishment on your page
  • Make a scene with stickers
  • Use stickers for the border
  • Make and use a journaling square
  • Use a ready-made journaling square
  • Use computer-generated journaling
  • Use something from nature
  • Use watercolor pencils
  • Use colored pencils
  • Use markers
  • Use glitter or a glitter pen
  • Use Radiant Pearls
  • Use Pearl-Ex
  • Use speciality paints/ink - Smooches, etc.
  • Use beads
  • Make and use a paper piecing
  • Make and use an embelished die-cut, or use store-bought
  • Use ladybug theme
  • Use pressed flowers or leave
  • Use a paper-clips
  • Use brads
  • Use staples
  • Use stars
  • Use a ready-made frame
  • Use tag art
  • Use ribbon
  • Do quilling
  • Pen-stitch a border or around a photo
  • Use your die-cutting machine
  • Use chalk
  • Use eyelets
  • Use shaped eyelets
  • Use colored/specality brads
  • Use a paper crimper
  • Use a tool you have not used in over a year
  • Use a black and white photo
  • Use a 5x7 or larger photo
  • Crop a picture into a circle
You can also add journaling starters if you want. There are several places online that have lists of journaling prompts. If you google them, you will find several, so I'm not going to write any of them out here. It wasn't as easy to find a list of scrapping idea starters! lol You can easily add your own ideas, too, especially any tools that aren't listed above and even products or prdocut lines that you might have a lot of in your stash.

If you make an Scrapping Idea Jar, please let me know and share your link! I would just love to see what you create! Or, if you think of some idea starters that aren't listed above, please let me know so that I can add them. :-)

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day!

(I'm not sure where my pretty graphic went! lol I might have erased it! oops!)


  1. Wowza.... this is just fabby! Look at that list of ideas to do in th jar! You go girlie!
    Kim xXx

  2. You did a wonderful job with this and shared so much inspiration for all of us to it!

  3. FABULOUS! I will probably be using your list! WOW! I get stumped (am in a slump right now due to illness, business and death) but hopefully this will jumpstart. Would also make a great gift for a fellow scrapping friend!

  4. This is awesome! We're talking about this on Two Peas. I definitely want to try this. --aJerseyGirl


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