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Friday, September 28, 2012

how I feel - a smash book page

I am really, really LOVING my Smash Book now that I dismantled, reassembled it and turned it into my own book.  You can learn more about that adventure here.  But, I am having a REALLY hard time finding the time to work in it.  I have quite a stack of this and that to put in it, but no time to stick them in.  And, now that I look at these pages, they aren't really Smash Book pages....they are more like art journal pages, but oh well.  It's my book, right? lol

I had cut out the first girl awhile ago and she's been sitting on a page waiting to be worked on.  I have been having lots of fun using images that I've cut from magazines lately and this is the time of year to buy fashion magazines just for that purpose.  They Fall issues are HUGE with over 600 pages of goodness just waiting to be cut out and put into your journal.  Marc Jacobs has quite disturbing ads this year. lol  And even though they bother me so much, I have used his ads twice in just a few months.  All of the ladies in them look awful. lol  And, I hate to say it, almost like strung out drug addicts or something like that.  You can see a sample of them here.  So, after I knew how I wanted these pages to go, I immediately grabbed one of his ads to use for the second page. lol  Sad thing is that how this girl looks is pretty much how my allergies are making me feel. lol

Well, it's Friday and my goal is to spend some quality time in my book this weekend adding all of the things that I've been collecting.  I think part of my problem is that my life is BORING. lol  And, right now, we really don't do much so I feel like I don't have anything to add to my Smash Book.  Well, I really don't have anything to add!  No receipts really, no flyers of places we've been, nothing.  I'd really like to start adding small photos.  I need to dig out my color printer and see if it still works.  Maybe printing off some of the photos from my phone will help me feel a bit better about my book.  I'm always taking photos of silly things throughout the day.  I wonder if I start adding those it will show me how my life really isn't that boring.  I mean, I have an 19 month old and 5 year old running around with me all day, that seriously isn't boring at all.  It's chaos! lol  Then toss in my older kids and it's quite an adventure around here each day. ;-)

Oh well. lol

Take care and have a wonderful day!

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  1. I had opened a tab to come and visit earlier, but it was not until I was about to close out, that I looked at your pages. Those are so colorful and full of life, they are totally opposite of a boring life, lol. Even the colorful rings make me smile. I also feel bored as I often don't even go out of the house to the grocery store. :( Here's to excitement!


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