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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Brave Girls Club - Soul Restoration journal pages

I have been taking the Brave Girls Soul Restoration Workshop these past few weeks and I am really enjoying it.  I only wish that I had more time to really dig deep into each weeks assignments, but I am taking what I can from each week and trying to remember that were I am in my life right now, I just don't have a lot of free time.  I am actually several weeks behind in watching the videos and such, but slowly catching up.  Thank goodness we have a few weeks of extra time after the workshop, because I need it!

I wanted to share with you the journal pages that I have completed so far.  Many of them do not have journaling on them, or I took the picture before I journaled on them, because this is a private journal where I've been writing down lots and lots of junk that needed to come out and get acknowledged, so I could move on to brighter and better times.  :-)

The cover of my Moleskin journal

The girl was clipped from an ad in a magazine. I hand-cut the earth and adhered it in her hands (which were originally holding flowers)

The background was created by painting several colors of acrylic paint onto masking tape and then tearing the tape into strips before placing it on the journal page.

Gel medium transfer with pieces of magazine ads for the house and the grass was created by layering several pieces of patterned paper.

 My first time attempting to draw/paint a face.

The girl is from an ad clipped from a magazine and adhered to the page using image transfer with gel medium.

Hand-drawn and painted bird....

Playing with color washes and a butterfly template.

Bottom layer of this background was created by rubbing distress ink over paper, wetting with a water and then placing plastic wrap over it until it dried.  Flourish is a template with colored modeling paste.

So those are the journal pages that I have completed so far!  I know that this will be an art journal that I will be adding to for a very long time.....I have so many journaling prompts waiting to be turned into pages.  I have been trying to do something different for each one....try and learn a new I am really enjoying this in so many different ways.

Thanks for looking and I will be sharing more of what I have done for the Soul Restoration Workshop with you soon....there is more! :-)

Take care and God Bless!


  1. Wow Di! These are all fabulous!

  2. Hi Di, What great pages! Good for you for creating your way through even with your busy schedule.

  3. I am in awwwwwweeeee of your skills! To look at these you would never know you are a beginner !! Awesome work!


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