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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Game Piece Tag

This weeks challenge in a group that I'm in is to use game pieces on a collaged tag.  Thank goodness I saved all of the pieces from games my kids have had in the past.  I have a large, plastic tub full of play money and cards from various games and I was finally able to use something from it.  I have it on a shelf in a different part of my basement and had honestly forgotten that it was there. lol  

The silliest thing that I did for this tag was to use dried globs of acrylic paint.  The other night I peeled of a big smear of paint off of my non-stick craft mat and thought, hey I wonder if I made some of these if they would work in a collage!  So, I grabbed a few colors of craft paints that were already sitting on my desk, squirted a blob on my craft mat, smeared them around a bit, and the left them there to dry.  When dry, they easily peeled off and I used my mat medium to adhere them to my tag.  I will say that after they were covered with the mat medium, the paint started to get really soft and gooey and when I did try to move them, they wanted to stretch and tear.  So, it's best to figure out where you want them, glue them down and then leave them be. ;-) 

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