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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

see things my way - an art journal page

Well, I got my art area all rearranged (more on that in another post lol) and was able to do a journal page yesterday. Whoo hoo!  Felt great and I'm loving my new set up!  My journal is ALMOST full!  I think I have maybe 3 pages left.  I'm so excited!  

It's been a super crazy week here for us.  My girl GG started kindergarten on Monday.  Monday and Tuesday were half days and today is her first full day at school.  I'm still trying to get that to sink in. lol  The past two days have felt like she was just back in preschool, but now she's going to be gone all day.  Wow, is it ever quiet around here!  That girl can TALK! lol  But, I sure do miss her.  So does my little guy.... Plus, I have a senior. Where did the time go??? She has big dreams....she wants to go to Columbia College in Chicago or the Kansas City Art Institute.  Ugh. I'm not sure if I will be able to handle my baby girl leaving home, but so proud of her!  It's so crazy to have one in her first year of school and have one in her last year of school at the same time!  It really does put life into perspective though with my little ones.  I see first hand every day how fast time goes and how quickly they grow up each time I look at my big kids.....sigh.

So here is the page I created yesterday.  And, you can watch me create it on my YouTube channel. :-) Lots of yummy texture on this one.  Oh how I love color!

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. I love that little journal! Can't wait to see your space complete!!

  2. Full of yummy textures - I love it!

  3. Love love love all that yummy texture!!

  4. WOW! So happy you took the time to do this delicious journal entry! I am genuinely inspired, and I must say, mutinous. I feel like locking myself in my studio and refusing to do all my "have to"s today.

  5. I love all your journal pages on you tube, the amount of colour and texture and layers that you get onto your pages is amazing and beautiful. I am new to art journaling and have started working in a Dylusions journal, but I am not that happy with it as the pages seem to warp a lot, due to the amount of water and spray inks I use. Your journal pages look nice and thick. What kind of journal do you use? :) thanks for the inspiring pages, keep them coming. Tanya

  6. ^^ What she said! I would love to know what type of journal you use. I began using one with too thin pages, so I sometimes glue two pages together to give it more heft. That said, doing so can make the page wonky.

    I just found your blog via Pinterest and have watched a few of your videos. Excellent inspiration! I can't wait to watch more :)


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