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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ramblings and an art journal page

I have another crazy, crazy week going on here!  I'm back to trying to blog daily with Effy and her August Blogalong! ;-)  I am desperately trying to get into Back-to-School mode, but it's not going too well.  I LOVE summer vacation, because we have no schedule....then again, I LOVE school days, because we have a schedule.  Makes a lot of sense, huh? lol  I guess what I mean is that by the time we finish up the school year, I'm very ready for the freedom of summer vacation and by the time we finish up summer vacation, I'm really ready for the set schedule of school days.  I am afraid I've passed on being night owls to most of my children, so summer vacation means a lot of late nights around here.  Now we all have to try to start going to be earlier, so that we can function in the morning as soon as school starts.  Staying up late is a nasty habit and I wish my kids weren't so much like me. lol  

My to-do list is pretty long this week.  I HAVE to can up some corn salsa (my FAVE!!!!) no matter what.  I have 12 ears of organic sweet corn waiting for me and they aren't going to wait forever.  A dear friend of mine came up with a somewhat copy-cat recipe for Trader Joe's corn salsa and it's divine.  I can eat a jar of TJ's corn salsa in one sitting, so making my own is very helpful to our food budget!  My 17 year old daughter starts her senior year on Thursday. I'm really not sure how that happened. lol  She has always been my little girl and now she's an amazing and talented young adult with dreams of going to college to major in Art.  Little Miss GG, she's all grown up now remember because she's 6, she gets to meet her teacher on Thursday night and then starts kindergarten on Monday.  Wow, that's going to be crazy, too.  She's my shadow and DOES NOT stop talking.  EVER.  She even talks in her sleep sometimes.  It's going to be SOOOO quiet around here and very strange not having her around.  I know that my little man is going to miss her terribly.  He's two and he wants to go to school with his big sister.....morning drop-off's are going to be full of lots of tears.  My quest to get healthy still hasn't started. lol  I'm hoping that getting back into the school routine will help motivate me into better lifestyle changes for myself as well.  I did get a lot of yummy veggies at the farmer's market and I need to start fixing those up.....I just need to start.  Plain and simple.

I was able to make it down into the dark pit of our unfinished basement to work on a journal page the other night.  To make matters even worse, the bulb went out in one of my desk lamps, so it was really gloomy down there.  And, it's a complete mess.  I'm hoping to spend some quality time down there today and possibly move my desk to a different wall.  I need a change down there.  I can't wait until that area is finished, has real floors and painted walls.  Oh, and a ceiling. lol  Oh well, I can't complain because at least I have a space to create.  That's all that matters, right? Anyway, I'm really tickled with the journal page that I created....I had no idea what to do, just knew I needed to push some paint around, and this is what I ended up with.  Oh, how I love how creating soothes my soul......

Lyrics from Crazy- by Gnarls Barkley

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  1. This page is just yummy! I loved watching the process!

  2. I absolutely love this page, just stunning. I would love to know what journal you use? It looks like a great size and thickness and seems to take all your layers and fluids really well. Thanks for the inspiration. Tanya


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