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Thursday, January 22, 2009

thank goodness!

I have been a wreck for almost a year now, because I thought that I had lost a very important CD. I have looked everywhere and it didn't help that we had moved, so the last time I actually saw it was at our old house and I couldn't remember seeing it at our new house. But, tonight as I was going through some boxes in our basement I was thrilled to find it! I haven't been this happy in quite awhile! It's silly, I know, but the CD had a couple hundred photos from a trip we took to Colorado in 2006. We went to the Mother Cabrini Shrine and I went photo happy (of course). I printed all of the photos out a long time ago, but there were some that I really wanted to blow up for our living room. Most important of all, the picture above. I absolutely love how the sun is shining from behind the statue of Jesus and after we painted our living room and I decided that it would be neat to have some of my favorite photos that I have taken enlarged and framed, all that I could think of was this photo above. I am so grateful to finally find the CD will all of the photos from our little pilgrimage there! If you are ever in Denver, visit the Mother Cabrini Shrine. It is a beautiful and holy place!

God Bless!

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