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Thursday, June 6, 2013

No dawn, No day - an art journal page

Aaron over at Imperfect Impulses posted a challenge the other day to use black gesso on your art journal page.  Well, I haven't ever used black gesso and I really do love a good challenge, so I knew I had to try it.  I also have had the lyrics to this song rolling around in my head for weeks wanting to make their way into my art journal.  I LOVE to use song lyrics in my journal.  I am a huge music junkie and music sparks so many ideas in my head for journal pages that I have to keep a small notebook in my purse, so I can write down songs and lyrics whenever I think of them or hear something I want to use on a page.  These two things seemed to want to go together so when I sat down to work on this, I had this song in my head and some sort of vision of twilight on my page.  

This was a hard challenge for me, because I am all about color and bright color!  I do love black (and I have pictures from the late 80's to prove it lol), but it was hard starting with a black page.  

Here's what I created:

These lyrics are from the song "No Light No Light" by
Florence + the Machine

This page already had some paint scraped on it that was leftover from another page
and also some drywall tape that didn't work out on another page.

So thank you Aaron for challenging me to break out of my box a bit and try something new!  And be sure to visit Aaron's YouTube page and watch his videos!  He's doing a page for each letter of the alphabet and they are awesome!

Thanks so much for stopping by and take care....

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  1. this is fascinating...maybe the drywall tape didn't work before...but it looks great here! I know what you mean about preferring color to black...that's a challenge for me too!


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