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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

unfinished projects.....

I have been having a pretty hard time being productive these past few months. I have had good intentions but have not been able to complete a single thing. So, this morning I gathered up a few of these unfinished projects and put them in a pretty basket and immediately started working on this skirt for Gracie. I will probably have to do some adjusting on the length of it, because she is such a little squirt, but besides that, I am hoping that I can have a finished skirt by tonight. I also want to run to the fabric store and buy some tulle so that I can make one of these tutus. How precious is that? Another thing that I need to work on is a lap quilt that I started awhile ago. I am ready to start adding hand-tied tacks to hold it all together. I do not have a walking foot for my sewing machine, so I can't even think about machine quilting it. Maybe I should ask for a walking foot for Christmas! Hopefully I will have some photos to share of some of these completed projects soon! I'm tired of starting things and not finishing's time to start cranking out some super cute skirts instead!

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