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Saturday, June 16, 2012

icad2 - day 15

This was a fun and quick card that I put together for Day 15.  I used the piece of notebook paper that I had placed on top of a stencil covered w/ Tumble Dye spray on my  Day 16 card.  I always place my sprayed-on stencils on some sort of paper (book, music, notebook, etc) or into my journal on blank pages.  If you just leave it there, all of that inky goodness transfers onto the paper and you have something new and colorful to use in another project.  It's great to do in my journal, because sometimes it gives me inspiration for a art journal page or just relieves the stress of opening up your journal and looking at a blank page....thinking....hum...what to do?  Having a bit of color there says, "Hey, look! add more to me!" Well, that's what it says to me. lol

So, I really loved the notebook paper and didn't want to cover it up too much.  I just added a felt heart, a couple of pieces of tape, splatters of paint...not much else.

I made of video of me creating this card and see it here. You can watch my videos at my YouTube page and be sure to subscribe so that you will receive an email each time I upload a new video. ;-)

And be sure to visit Tammy's site, Daisy Yellow, to learn all about icad2!

Take care and God Bless!

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  1. I love this card, so simple and effective. I blot my stencils too, I think I am just too cheap too waste any art supplies! :)


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