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Monday, June 11, 2012

icad2 - day 5

I am so behind on sharing my icad2 cards!  So, here's day 5 with a little story behind it.  My son and I were doodling early that morning and I colored a bunch of circles on a piece of brown craft paper with crayons.  I didn't realize how fitting it was because a few hours after that, we had his appointment to have allergy testing done.  His poor little back was covered with spots....more circles!  He's 17 months old and I have to tell you, it took every ounce of strength that I had to not cry along with him.  It was awful.  We did find out that he's allergic to several things, including mixed trees, mixed grasses, mixed weeds, soy, egg whites and the worst one was peanuts.  I was surprised about that one!  He's had peanut butter before and thank goodness never had a serious reaction to it.  He fell asleep on our way home and slept for 4 hours!  So while he was napping, I took out my anxiety on my icad2 card. lol  I found that paper I had colored circles on and knew I had to make a card to remember our day by......

The 23 on the card is for test #23, which was peanuts.  It was a huge, welted spot on his tiny back!

I made of a video of me creating this card and you can watch it here! ;-)

Thanks so much for visiting and be sure to check back often.  I posted several art journal pages late last night.  I realized that I have several pages that I forgot to share here!  I have lots more to share and hope to add new posts daily this week!

God Bless!


  1. This is a great card - hope your son is doing better, poor baby.... :(

  2. Love all the layers! Fabulous!

  3. Great card ... lots of layers and textures. So sorry your son had to go through all that. No fun for any of you. Spots, spots and more spots!

  4. Love all these circles - somewhere I saw your video on how you made that .... I think Tammy linked to it. Anyway, beautiful work!

  5. Life is funny how it guides us through the good and bad without us realizing. Hope you can get those allergies under control. The plants are the hardest because you can't stay indoors at all times. The foods may be a challenge, but one you can adapt to. Good luck! Oh, love the card!


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