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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

icad2 - day 8

Hi everyone!  I'm skipping Day 7's card for now, because June 7th was my 20th wedding anniversary and I wanted to do something special for it.  I've been putting things together here and there to make my card with and I hope to make it this weekend.

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So, here's my card for Day 8!

The blue cow card is part of the packaging of acrylic paints from Golden...their limited addition 3 pack of blues called "Uncommon Blues".  I've been holding onto it for awhile, because I knew it would be perfect to use for something.  I stumbled upon it the other day and just had to use it for an icad2 card.  I also used some of the "DIY Catalog Washi Tape" that I share how to make in a video here.   Those rainbow colors at the top are actually part of an ad featuring a stack of colorful shirts!

Thanks so much for visiting and God Bless!

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