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Saturday, October 24, 2009

love @ first sight - digi layout - The Paper Cut Twilight Challenge

I can't tell you how much fun I had doing this layout! This is for the Chapter 1 Challenge at The Paper Cut. I couldn't resist doing the non-Twilight version of the challenge. I knew that I had an awesome story to tell and that it was something that I needed to document, for sure! My poor husband was really curious when I texted him yesterday while he was at work asking him if I had the right song in my mind that he used to po-go to at the skating rink and what his DEVO t-shirt looked like. He acted like he had no idea what I was talking about! lol We were pretty crazy back then, that's for sure! Oh, the 80's......what a totally awesome time to be a teen!

It took me awhile to find the right paper to use, but once I did this layout came together to perfectly. I was at first looking at black or off-white, but it just wasn't working for me. Once I saw this notebook paper, I knew that's what I needed to. Everything is from a super-cute (and FREE!) kit called School Itty Bitty Kit from Three Paper Peonies, except the alpha for the word "first". This is from the kit called Awakening by TaylorMade Designs. I also had fun using Pea Deliah's Doodles from a font at Fonts for Peas, and I've never used doodles before! They add the right touch to my notebook paper, don't you think? I don't have any pictures from way back then, so I found some images on the internet and used them for this layout.

Journaling says:
I remember the first time that I saw Joe so well. Christine Nelson & I were at Skateport. There wasn’t really anything to do in Springfield when you were a teenager, besides go roller skating. But, that’s where I first saw Joe. He always wore his black DEVO t-shirt & gray parachute pants. Every time they played the song “Turn Around” by DEVO, Joe & his good friend, Andy Havens, would pogo around the skating rink & always during the middle of the song, they would go to the center of the rink, lay on the floor & do the jerk. Oh, I was totally in love with him right after I first laid my eyes on him! He was such a rebel & I was hooked! It took a month or so for us to actually meet & that part is kind of fuzzy but I am pretty sure that Christine had something to do with it! But, it wasn’t long before Joe & I were “going together”. We were quite an item.....and we still are! We spent many a weekend after that going to Skateport together. That was quite awhile ago, but Joe will always be my New Wave sweetie & I’ll always be his Punk Rock Girl.
We owe it all to Skateport.........oh, and probably Christine, too!

This was such a fun layout to do! I really need to do more of these about my teen years........there are so many stories that I could tell!!!

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  1. oh WOW!! i love it! love the devo shirt!! thanks for playing along!!


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