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Monday, October 26, 2009

Pass It on Card Ministry

The Lord works in wonderful ways and I am thrilled that He has led me to meeting Kathy and her new ministry of sharing called - Pass It On. I have been asking God if there is anything else that I'm supposed to do with the grace of creativity that He has given me. I do a lot of things for myself and my family, like scrapbooking, but I still have been feeling a little empty and like I'm not using this grace to the fullest. Then I found Kathy's site and read about the ministry that she felt called to start and I knew instantly that this was an answer to my prayers! So, I wrote Kathy and asked her if I could help and be a card hostess for her ministry. I am excited to say that she accepted my request for help. I've only known Kathy for a little while, but I can tell you that she is a very kind and wonderful person and I truly believe that her ministry of sharing will help touch those in need of some love and support. Please read about Kathy's vision here and be sure to share this ministry with all of your friends and loved ones who would like to win a handmade card to share with others. Remember, that's what this is all Pass It On!

To start, I will be posting a new card on Monday morning. Leave me a comment and on Friday morning I will pick a random winner and I will mail the winner their card as soon as I receive their mailing address. Then, and this is the most important part of the whole ministry......the winner needs to send that card to someone who needs it. Someone who could use some words of support, get well wishes, of thanks.....someone you love. That's the really fun part of this whole ministry! We have all gotten so wrapped up in this world of technology that we live in and what a wonderful surprise for someone to receive a handmade card in their real mailbox! So, I hope that you tell your friends about Kathy and my blog and join in on this wonderful ministry. Let's see how many people we can bless with these cards!

Here is the card I am offering this week:

The inside of this card says:

Your kindness touches my heart.

You have until Friday morning to comment. I will be picking a random winner at noon Central time on Friday. Thank you so much for helping me Pass It On!!!

p.s.- If I have enough interest, I will offer more cards during the week for you to Pass On..... ;-)


  1. Love this! I have never mastered this folding card. Yours is just fabby! Love the image.
    Kim xXx

  2. I am adding you to my list of blogs ... this is truly wonderful of the both of you!

  3. once again di, your work is beautiful.. I love this concept! Thanks for sharing about it...


  4. Di, your card is breathtaking - I know whoever receives it will treasure it! You and Kathy are inspiring me TO make a card today and do my part to PASS IT ON.

  5. Hi, I found you from Kathy's blog (she is a friend). You both are doing a good work for the Lord. I will be honored to pass on either of your cards to someone in need.

  6. I am one who frequently sends cards as a ministry opportunity. I have been so blessed by others through the kind words of a well-timed card.
    We recently had a ladies event at my church and our theme was: Words of Encouragment. We offered practical tips on sending notes at various times of need and words to say that would be helpful. Each lady left with a gift bag of cards and a list of the homebound members in our church as a starting place for sending a note.
    It takes so little tome to touch another person. Thanks for your vision and for putting it into action.


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