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Friday, October 16, 2009

A surprising visitor

I had quite a shock this afternoon when I looked out our living room windows to see this huge bird sitting on the fence! I ran and grabbed my camera, but I didn't have my zoom lens on and couldn't get a good picture of him, as you can see from the bad photo above. I did get my zoom lens on my camera but by the time that I made it back into the living room, I either startled him or he finally got tired of the squirrel chirping him out from the ground in front of him. Our squirrels are VERY possessive of their front yard. Notice I said, "their" front yard! They chirp at us all of the time when we go in the yard! lol I pulled out my old bird field guide and I think that it's a Peregrine Falcon. After doing some googling, I found this page that talks a bit about them. I am surprised that this is what it might be, because it says that they are endangered. Whatever it was, it sure was a majestic-looking bird! I'm not sure if he will ever visit again, but I sure hope that he does. I have my camera ready!

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